Introducing Chosen Nation

With the work of the wonderful folks at Wipf and Stock Publishers, my book is now out and about! Chosen Nation: Scripture, Theopolitics, and the Project of National Identity is a study of nationalism within the church, and the ways in which we distort the theopolitics of Scripture in order to imagine a nation compellingly holy enough to command our loyalties.

In the book, I first take a look at theological work that has been especially formative for me and examine it to see to what degree and in what ways it takes account of nationalism, which I understand as particularly problematic for faithful discipleship. Finding this theological work helpful but insufficient, I then discuss the relationship of Christian theology to nationalism throughout the centuries, and especially in more recent contexts. I then undertake a study of the theopolitics of Scripture, which forms the theological heart of the book; from this study we get a picture of the church we are called to be (especially in relation to biblical Israel). The last part of the book then examines Christian nationalism in the context of the Christian Right (in which I used to be quite active) and in certain contemporary political theologies.

The discussion covers literature in political theology, nationalism studies, history, political science, and biblical studies. It would be particularly useful in an academic setting discussion political identity and religion, political theology, etc. It would also be useful in a congregational setting, with particular attention to Chaps 2 and 4-6.

If you are interested in the book, you can order a copy here, here, or here. If you are a reviews editor or blogger and would like a review copy, please let me know or contact Wipf & Stock directly. If you are simply interested in discussing the book personally, please contact me as well. I would be happy to do so.


5 responses to “Introducing Chosen Nation

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  2. Brad, I don’t know if my readership is big enough to warrant a review copy, but I’d be honored to review your book. If you want a sense of where I’m coming from, have a look at my recent reviews of Scot McKnight’s The King Jesus Gospel and Lee C. Camp’s Who Is My Enemy? You might also take a look at some of my thoughts on the Kingdom of God on the blog.

    It sounds to me like you’re onto something important here…and I found you after your excellent comment on Jason Dye’s guest post at Kurt Willems’ blog.


  3. Got here from your comment on Olson’s blog. Then followed the link and read your interview. Very good stuff. Thank you for writing it. It now goes on my list of books that people can buy me as a gift.


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